Minus One

I got home from work sometime last week and Caleb was so excited to tell me that his tooth was loose. Of course, he didn’t understand that there could be some pain when trying to get it out in the coming days. A few days later, while wife was brushing his teeth, I guess it became a little sore and it started to bleed. He started to freak out, especially with all of us yelling in anticipation of his first tooth coming out. Fast forward to later that night. We got the kids ready for bed around their normal time and they were ready to sleep at 7:30pm. We checked his tooth and it looked ready to come out. We didn’t want him to go to bed with a loose tooth because he crunches his teeth while he sleeps. We were cautious and afraid of the tooth coming out while he was sleeping. We (wife did because I hate blood) tugged at it, numbed it, tried to pull it out ourselves to no avail. This was for 2.5 hours. So, the kids lost 2.5 hours of sleep the following day (sorry teachers if Caleb was non-attentive that day or looked tired). Caleb woke up the following day at his normal time. I called him into my office so I could take a look at it and it really did look like it was hanging by one thread. He walked down the stairs and I could see him trying to pull it out himself. I went back to editing and a minute later, he comes into my office screaming that his tooth came out. That pretty much woke up the ladies in the other room as they all came to take a look.

I’m so glad that he got it out himself and I’m thankful that I was home when it did. We didn’t want for his tooth to come out at school. Yes, we are those parents that want to witness all his ‘firsts’ first.