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wife’s birthday weekend

Finally figured out how to post a video on here. Below is a video I put together for wife’s birthday weekend. Looking forward to making more videos this year and beyond! Wife's Birthday Weekend from iFloyd on Vimeo.

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Minus One

I got home from work sometime last week and Caleb was so excited to tell me that his tooth was loose. Of course, he didn’t understand that there could be some pain when trying to get it out in the coming days. A few days later, while wife was brushing his teeth, I guess it

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spring in seattle

This post is definitely long overdue since it’s been almost five months since we took our family vacation. But, I actually found enough time to edit and go through these–having the kids sleep at 7:45pm definitely has its perks. It’s been almost a decade since I moved from Seattle and to be honest, I wasn’t

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first thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

With everything that goes on during Thanksgiving, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving a little early with just the four of us. My most amazing wife slaved in the kitchen all day (while managing to finish a 17 page paper for Grad school). I had one task, which was to keep the kids busy. I think

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the littles at the pumpkin patch

Ever since Caleb was born, it’s been our tradition to head down to the other side of the island and do photos at the pumpkin patch. Getting these two to take photos is like pulling teeth and it usually stresses me out, but the gods were on our side this year. They listened, they cooperated.

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office space decor modern

office space

Probably one of the most productive weekends around the house in a very long time. We finally got the office together and although it needs decorating, I couldn’t have been happier–especially since I got rid a lot of things laying around in the house. Here’s just what we have so far but will have more

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weekend recap

Once April rolls around, it’s back to 6 day work weeks, and sometimes 7 so I am cherishing every moment that I get to spend with my family. I’m never home for breakfast since I’m in the office before the sun rises about the horizon and she has been raving all week about how awesome

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stay tuned

When I first started out, I always wanted to post photos of just my daily adventures. I always put it off and eventually things started to pick up so I really had no time. Well, I’ll do my very best to post my personal work at least weekly. Stay tuned! Enjoy your well-deserved weekend everyone!

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