• Landscape photography is what initially drew me in, but telling a story through photographs with true emotions and intricate details is why I love photographing people and weddings. My goal is to create timeless images of your special day so that when you look at your photos years from now, it brings back those emotions and you remember the story you created.
  • I love film cameras and shooting film.  I use a unique blend of both digital and film for weddings and photo sessions.
  • I’m a big nerd. I heart reading articles on technology and stocks.
  • I have two kids that drive me crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ll see a lot of them on my blogs. And a beautiful wife, who will make an appearance here and there.
  • Being born and raised in Hawaii, my sports teams are rather eccentric. Yes, I’m a die-hard San Antonio Spurs fanatic (thanks to David Robinson). In my youth, I wanted to be like Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice. I moved to Seattle for college and became a 12th man.
  • Baseball is my first love and grew up watching the Braves in the 90s and listening to Giants games. I played little league since I was 7 and was lucky enough to make our city’s all-stars teams.
  • As I got older, I became less athletic and unfit to play any sports I played growing up. As a result, I now run (albeit not very fast) and I really do enjoy it.
  • I live by the golden rule of treating others as I would like to be treated. True fact—I end up being friends with my clients. That’s probably the best part of doing what I do.
  • Coffee has this exponential adverse effect (I don’t know what I just said, I just heard that phrase a ton in college) on me. It makes me super sleepy in the beginning and 12 hours later, it wakes me up.